Camp Victory Lake

CVL is located in Adirondack upstate New York and offers a well-structured, balanced program in a beautiful rural setting. People from across the nation and from many foreign countries come to Camp Victory Lake for many good reasons. Among over night camps and day camps, its offerings make this camp stand out. It offers guidance counseling for the special needs of every camper. Youth between the ages of 5 and 15 explore their interests and talent at Camp Victory Lake. It is ideal for children who seek a deep personal relationship with Jesus and who love the outdoors, the arts, swimming, canoeing, sewing and many other worthwhile activities. 

The key focus in the program at Camp Victory Lake is the development of the whole camper through concentration on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person.


At Camp Victory Lake, it is our express goal for every camper to develop self-confidence...


Unlock hidden talents and interests, nurture self-respect... 


 And teach positive life values.