Proposed Camp Victory Lake Master Plan

Proposed Camp Victory Lake Master Plan

We trust that you are pleasantly enjoying the ongoing redevelopment of Camp Victory Lake. Nearly two years ago the conference administration created the Northeastern Camp Development Committee to ensure that the refurbishing of our camp would become and remain a high priority on our agenda. Composed of the dedicated laypersons and workers, this body is committed to transforming CVL into a modern retreat destination for our 55,000 members. Since its commissioning, the Camp Development Committee has made numerous recommendations for the short-term and long-term development of our beloved Camp Victory Lake. As a result of its suggestions, the conference administration has implemented the following improvements on the campground:

  1. The complete interior/exterior remodeling of the Boys Dorm (Baker Hall)
  2. Ongoing renovation of the Irons Motel with individual bathrooms in each room
  3. Remodeling of George & Vernelle Earle Cafeteria including air conditioning & furniture
  4. Transformation of Earle Cafeteria basement into modern conference meeting hall
  5. Remodeling of the Bland House with guest suites & air conditioned cooling station
  6. Installation of wrought iron perimeter fence 
  7. Enhanced picnic areas & landscaping

Attached to this letter are some photographs which illustrate some of the short-term developments currently underway. To complete the renovations in this first phase of development, we need to raise approximately $300,000. We invite you to make a contribution today to help us reach this fund-raising target by July 30, 2014.

We are also delighted to inform you that Northeastern Conference has acquired the first complete Camp Development Master Plan that demonstrates the long-term vision of our campground. Based on the surveys that were completed one year ago at camp-meeting, the NEC Camp Victory Lake Master Plan was developed. This Master Plan will feature a modernized CVL with Gymnasium, new adult and youth pavilions for conventions, camporee camping areas, roadways and other amenities. Additionally, the plan also features a Holistic Wellness Center on the 10-acre tract purchased one year ago. We value the feedback from our constituents in developing this Master Plan because it ensures that this finished project will meet the needs of the Northeastern Conference constituency for generations to come. The developments in the CVL Master Plan will cost in the tens of millions of dollars and we will utilize a variety of funding sources to finance the eventual plans. 

That’s why it is most important for you to become a contributor to the development of your camp now. Let your contribution of $10, $20, $50, $100 or any amount that you can afford show that you are serious about joining a positive effort to make our Camp Victory Lake the best Camp in the Northeast. 

Thank you for your support