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The Counselor in Training program exists to equip 16 through 17 year old men and women with Biblical knowledge, foundational Christian principles, and leadership. This takes place in an environment of intensive study, experiential education, and group living. The CIT Program desires to raise up godly men and women, future leaders, and future Camp Victory Lake counselors.


The CIT program is 4 weeks in length. Each CIT participant assist in leading a group of campers. They are also given opportunities to lead all-camp activities and increase in their program area knowledge. The rest of their time is spent receiving further leadership training through Bible studies, group discussions/initiative activities, and hands-on opportunities to lead and share their spiritual gifts.

This program is offered so CIT’s may learn more about Christ and how to serve by watching other leaders.  The CIT’s will be encouraged to learn from the example of the staff. Each CIT will have many opportunities to interact with the campers, staff, and program activities.

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Camp Fire


The CIT program aims to see the following in each participant:

  • Growth in comfort/confidence in leadership

  • Confidence and comfort in sharing about the Lord’s work in his/her life

  • Ability to share the gospel

  • Growth in Biblical knowledge

  • Further equipped to answer/address common Biblical questions/issues

  • To learn a variety of tasks, being stretched and experiencing growth in tangible ways

  • To become or grow as a man and woman of integrity, honesty and humility

  • To learn the spiritual disciplines and begin to put them into practice while at camp, with the encouragement to carry them on throughout life.

  • To determine whether or not a CIT would be fit for staff in following years.

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